Within a poetic landscape, with a breathtaking amphitheatrical view, along with the distinctive features and the Tuscan identity, Hatzi Mansion welcomes you in a place where you can express your dreams.

With aura and the finesse of another era, in gardens full of trees, flowers and fragrances and with reference to an imposing mansion with elaborate tower to emerge symmetrically, it looks like it sprang from old engravings.

Hatzi Mansion, aiming at the maximum quality level, personalized services and high aesthetics, is today one of the most appealing venues for banquets. In the Hatzi Mansion, the old meets the new.

The charming and unobtrusive austerity meets the elegant and fine aristocratic mood.

Hatzi Mansion. Unique place for unique moments and make your dreams come true!





Built on the top of a hill of Anavyssos, on the hill of Synterina, within a seven acre space, the Byzantine stone estate creates a fairytale setting.

Painted cobbled streets, 300-year old olives carved in their trunk, lemon trees, orange trees, almonds and one acre of lawns overlooking the endless blue, weave the most idyllic scenery for your own premiere.

Browse Hatzi Mansion, at its two levels, in the spaces that will offer you and your guests a unique hospitality experience.

Hatzi Mansion, through every event, tells a unique, one of a kind story. Your story. Your



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Fashion, beauty how precious you are my pretty.

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And they lived happily ever after…

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