...and her name / his name shall be…

Christening is the most important mystery of Christianity.

The day of baptism, for guests but mainly for parents, is one of the happiest moments of their life.

online δωρεάν καζίνο χωρίς κατάθεση

Hatzi Mansion was created to accommodate such special moments.

In the eyes of your very young, distinguished guests and beyond, the stone-built mansion transforms into a fairy-tale Castle, where beautiful Princesses, brave Knights and fearless Pirates become the Heroes of the Castle, the protagonists of the most beautiful children's fairy tale. One can say that from the paved cobbled streets and the blooming fragrant gardens will spring fairies, elves, magicians, and scandalous calipers.

In the Hatzi Mansion, with a high sense of responsibility, consistency and professionalism, similar to the uniqueness of the moment, we materialize what you dream about your beloved people.