Saying “I Do” In a Stunning Backdrop.

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August 14, 2017
A unique inspiration of a romantic spring wedding at Hatzi Mansion
October 18, 2017



Breathtaking scenery.

In Hatzi Mansion surrounded by cobbled paths and an olive grove featuring 250-year-old sculpture like trees, Helen and Kostas celebrated their love in a wedding tailor-made for them.

With the planning of Mrs.Evgenia Limantzaki, they added special details in the ceremony and the main reception which were representing their passion, their attitude, their relationship.They created a unique lifetime celebration.

The ideal backdrop of the Hatzi Mansion, the breathtaking sea view, the smelly fragrances of the summer roses and Mediterranean gardens gave this couple’s big day a fresh and beyond the cliche wedding.

Precious moments which captivated our attention with the charming, eclectic vintage style.

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