Eugenia Limantzaki, an award winning image maker, and one of the best marriage estates in Athens, unite their strengths.

Nowadays, dreams have the place and the person who can implement them.

Your dreams, your own great moments.

The romance between these two powerful players in the field of banqueting and marriage estates was awaited.

How could it be different?

The Stone Byzantine Mansion with its imposing and dominant position is the ideal inspiration.

Exciting and award-winning professionals, as skillful masters with scores written with your own personal choices, run under the design of Eugenia Limantzaki the most harmonious and well-orchestrated orchestra. The events that are created from this coupling cause the most positive and warm feelings.

Finesse, classy style, high aesthetics and elegance are the elements that characterize our work. Each event at Hatzi Mansion bears a directorial signature, visual and sound effects, while the shooting takes place with a cinematic prism.

Eugenia Limantzaki and her team, people with particular parchments in the field of television and cinema, share sophisticated aesthetics, without excessive and unnecessary references, redefining what we call a reception.

For us, realizing your own dreams is not just a business goal but a charming challenge that would be our honor to sign.