• Iris Myrtou
    “... a mansion that is not accompanied by anything unnecessary. A view that encourages the eye to travel. A marriage poetry under the open sky.”
    Iris Myrtou
  • Lola Nicholas
    “In Hatzi Mansion, my visit was painted on the canvas of my impressions with the warmest colors. One of the wedding venues of unique architectural style and natural beauty. The breeze of the Mansion does not only surround the loving hearts of honeymooners, but also the creations of the great Greek and foreign artists. Artworks that have found their place in a work of art.”
    Lola Nicholas
  • Iris Dourou
    “In a venue of such exception and of this level of elegance the projection of works of art was imperative and expected.”
    Iris Dourou
  • Kosmas Sarris
    “... the presence of Hatzi Mansion in the banquet venues area greatly widens the choice for a quality, alternative, different philosophy and culture reception. Undoubtedly the landscape of the Estate plays the greates role.”
    Kosmas Sarris
    Journalist - Art Historian
  • Katia Leonidis
    “Hatzi Mansion belongs to it's own category among offers at the Wedding Industry.”
    Katia Leonidis
  • Giorgos Leon Prokopiou
    “... a piece of paradise on earth. The finesse, the nobility, making a difference among Wedding estates.”
    Giorgos Leon Prokopiou
    F. Professor of Architecture and Morphology NTUA
  • Mary Mitsou
    “Among the wedding venues, Hatzi Mansion is an estate of high aesthetics, sensitive historical reference and eclectic harmony.”
    Mary Mitsou
    Mary Mitsou