For the Hatzi Mansion and its owners, wine is culture, it is the outcome of mind, soul and human effort.

With this philosophy as a guide, with particular love and passion for the final product, but also with confidence in the Attica Land and its micro-climate, Hatzi family and Hatzi Mansion produce wines with high quality criteria and unique personality.

The distinctive character of the produced wine is due to the low yields per acre.

avante garde καζίνο

The cultivation of the private and collaborating vineyards is done in a biological way which aims at the production of wine grapes with respect to the environment and to man.

When a bottle of wine opens, pictures are served. Pine trees, cypresses, olives and hundreds of poppies and anemones that “decorate” with their beauty Hatzi Mansion.

This blessed place, with its terroir and biodiversity, gives interesting blends and ultimately wines with refined taste, aroma and wine culture.