Wedding Organizer

Hatzi Mansion and DreamMakers, the team organizing our banquets and event, is close to you, by giving you a timetable for organizing your wedding.


6 months before and more


– Read your calendar and reach the exact date of your wedding and the season.

– Tell your family and friends the good news!

– Do budget according to the money that both you and your families can make available.

– Book the the church on the date that you want first while you start your search for marriage and reception venues so that the date you want is available.

– Decide who you want your best man and bride’s mades to be and make the proposal to them.


5 months before


– Decide (and book) the banquet venue of your choice. Talk to them about organizing your wedding.

– Start your research around eating, menus, drinks, catering. Hatzi Mansion, during its many years of presence in the field og weddings and events in general, has cooperated with highly-certified catering companies that can offer you the best choices.

– Decide on the overall style of your wedding and the decoration colors. Romantic wedding, thematic, minimal, luxury, traditional, etc.

– Get decorators and florists for the decoration of the church and the reception area. With constant contact and meetings with our dedicated partners you can create a mood board based on your wishes, a guide to the style and concept you eventually want to create.

– As soon as you end up in the wedding style, start looking for the wedding dress that suits you, which matches to the harmonious atmosphere of your reception.

– Make the opportunity to direct the event, special lighting, filming and video clips. The partners of Hatzi Mansion make a difference in the marriage estates by proposing and manifesting receptions of a different philosophy and culture. Uniqueness, finesse, sophisticated style are some of the elements that characterize our work.

-Make a list of your guests.

– Discover the music chapter, the artistic program and meet the DJ who will take care of the music at your reception. Hatzi Mansion, considering music as one of the most important aspects of an event, works only with the best in their field. Sounders, DJs with years of experience and distinctive character in their artistic approach, cover all the tastes of even the most demanding projects.

– Consider the presence of a live performer during your guest appearance. Saxophonist, violin, cello, piano are some of the interesting choices during the welcome. What’s more idyllic than a lounge music with a backdrop of the wonderful summer sunset and the endless blue that the visitor faces in Hatzi Mansion.

-Hatzi Mansion’s characteristic is our diversity. Ideas such as special blooming constructions, such as handmade chandeliers decorated with roses or other seasonal flowers, enlightened with candles, adorned with the monastery’s pergola of the Mansion, chandelier in a rustic line, etc. are just a few examples of what we can do.

Just ask for it.


4 months before


– ΒBook the photographer and the person who will make the wedding video. Our associates are people whose work has been awarded both in Greece and abroad. Talk to them about choosing a pre wedding shooting that could be displayed during your guests’ arrival in the reception area.

– Select your invitations. The paper and the font needs special attention to fit the concept of your reception. Note that your invitations are the first item your guests will receive and will predict what will follow. An invitation card with aged paper and calligraphy wrapped in buckets “reveals” a particularly atmospheric and romantic wedding.

-Prepare all necessary supporting documents to issue the wedding permit.

-Arrange for appointment test to decide who will make up your make-up and hair styling. Make-up artist and hair stylist of Hatzi Mansion, with years of experience in TV and top fashion magazines are available for you.

– Start with nutrition and exercise if you want to improve your appearance. Many ladies have trusted us and our personal trainers to improve their image.

-Get dance lessons.


3 months before


– Organize your honeymoon (check passports and take visas if necessary)

– Decide in which store you want to open a wedding list, whether you prefεre το open a bank account or το direct your guests to a travel agency.

-The groom should choose the suit and the accessories.

-Select your wedding rings.

– Make the latest changes to your guest list.

– As a bride arrange for face, body and hair care programs.


2 months before


– Select your best man and bridesmaids gifts.

– Make sure you stay and host your friends coming from afar. Collaborating hotels of Hatzi’s Mansion can accommodate your guests at very competitive prices.

– Buy bridal lingerie.

– Buy the bridal accessories (veil, jewelery).


1 month before


– Arrange the final wedding dress rehearsal.

– Start sharing and sending your invitations.

– Select the car that will take you to the church. At your disposal we have antique cars and super luxury limousines. Just ask us.

– Take care of the latest details, such as who will share bonbons, who will receive the gifts, the table numbers and the seat od each gueast at the banquet venue.

– Organize the bachelor party.


1 week before


– Forward the final number of guests to the wedding reception team and the catering manager.

– Inform us for any guests who need special treatment. VIP, disabled, elderly and others.

– Call those who have not responded to your invitation.

– Prepare your home: arrange it and decorate it.

– Get the bridal shoes home and start walking with them to get used to it.

– Offer yourself a relaxing facial and body care.

Throughout this wonderful journey of organizing one of the most important moments of your life, Hatzi Mansion and the Dream Makers are next to you where and when you decide, providing solutions and meaningful directions to the issues that concern you.

In contrast to the other marital estates, in Hatzi Mansion, we generally take responsibility of our events in every aspect or in any areas you wish.

In any case, we manifest your dreams in a space created specifically for this.

Your trust is our honor.