… the two become in the flesh of one

In a breathtaking poetic landscape, in the imposing aura of the Byzantine Mansion, the promise of two people to walk together in life, with the blessing of God, finds the perfect setting for a celebration.

Hatzi Mansion opens its gates in the light of the evening and exists to enrich these emotionally charged images with touches of glamor and luxury.

Rare ancient Greek marbles, sculptural wall creations, old wooden hand-made roofs with chiseled wood are just some of the elements that will captivate the eye.

On such a canvas of rare aesthetics, the staff of Domaine Hatzi, with special conductor Evgenia Limantzaki, will orchestrate the most impeccable reception.


Greek and foreign artists, musicians, live bands, saxophone performers, drummers, as well as special visual and lighting effects will be added to the quirk of our services, which will give impressive moments and will be praised praise by your guests.

And when a remembrance brings you back, even more back in time, in your own moments of joy, in the Hatzi Mansion, then, again, the gates of the Estate will always be open for you and we will consider you as our “family”, that we had the honor of creating with you, indelible memories in our lives.

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Thank you.