A summer wedding for sweet hearts.

Autumn in Hatzi Mansion
November 23, 2017
Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars Do You Know How Loved You Are?
February 7, 2018


The common love in horses and the universe conspiracy united two people to one. Nikoletta from the first steps of the planning procedure confessed to mrs. Limantzaki her love for horses.


Her willing to expand her knowledge in this particular field led her in the suburbs of London occupying with what she truly is passioned with.



Elements like horse-shape cookies or horseshoes drawings were used in the candy bar along with macarons and dragees in a variety of flavors.

For the main flower decoration were used scented greenery, roses, orchids and selection of flowers which gave this couple the look and felt what they had always dreamt of.

Warm wooden chairs, benches, pillows, and candles created an earthy-romantic atmosphere leading to an idyllic reception setting in Hatzi Mansion.


Our best wishes!!!