Autumn in Hatzi Mansion

Harvest season.
November 19, 2017
A summer wedding for sweet hearts.
December 10, 2017


A walk around the cobbled paths of Hatzi Mansion is enough for the visitor to admire the total beauty of nature through the autumnal glow.



He enjoys the many shades of red and orange as the trees change color.He takes in the fragrances that nature coaxes onto the breeze after the first autumn rains.



This magical scenery inspires us to share with words and few pictures what our eyes see every single day.



The enchanting season of autumn embellishes the surpassing natural scenery with an amalgam of multiple colors and several elements, such as rain and wind, while sometimes the lucid sun mixes with the moody tints of the grayish clouds. This constantly alternating image of the marvelous Hatzi Mansion landscape shall definitely bring out the romantic side of your personality and as you shall be wandering in the heart of a natural site, a handful of sweet thoughts and pleasant feelings shall warm your heart.



The most charming season of the year in the most gifted estate.

Hatzi Mansion.