Fashion, beauty how precious you are my pretty.

And they lived happily ever after…
June 3, 2018
Fun and Eclectic Indian Wedding
October 30, 2018


This amazing couple celebrated so much the procedure of organising their wedding that decided to create almost every detail by themselves.They both wanted to participate in this beautiful journey of planning and designing.Christina and Efthymis were creative enough to design handmade favour gifts, wedding wishes jar and unique photo stand for the beloved day.



After the ceremony, guests arrived at Hatzi Mansion to enjoy their welcome drink and finger foods in front of this breathtaking sea view and sunset.Tables were decorated by small olive trees and handmade marmalades were placed near the cutlery of the table.The atmosphere was full of love, grace and huge smiles when the couple appeared in front of Hatzi Mansion for their first entrance as a married couple.They dined under the star-full sky of the athenian riviera with soft jazz music.Quick enough the party started.



The first dance of the couple was heartbreaking.Every move, every look, every turn, every stop was like they always meant to be together.Surrounded by their beloved ones but at the same time lost in their feelings, they were dancing beautifully on the crystal pool-deck of the mansion.


Simply gorgeous.

What if now this night may have flown by.Their love will last for the rest of their lives.

This is our wish!!