Fun and Eclectic Indian Wedding

Fashion, beauty how precious you are my pretty.
October 6, 2018
Great Gatsby Style wedding
December 20, 2018


Although we feel pretty lucky to get to share amazing weddings in Hatzi Mansion it’s not every day we get to share a celebration from beautiful India, so we’re kiiinda excited about this amazing feature. Thanks so much to Athanasios Papadopoulos and for the stunning photos and big congrats to Simi & Nisheeth on a beautiful day! Exquisite planning by the company “Wedding in Greece”,visit at


The couple come from India but live at USA. They decided to exchange their vows in Greece,in Hatzi Mansion.And as you’re about to see, their magical ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect, colourful, filled with lots of lovely decorative touches bursting with their personality.Infusing our couples Indian culture, decoration was bright in pink colour palette, mixed with teal and green and dashes of gold.




Not many guests but not few as well for a destination wedding had the privilege to attend and participate in the wedding celebration day of Simi and Nisheeth.Elegant wedding, beautiful people, admirable culture and colourful vibes.Simi started her preparation at “Ktima Hatzi”after the Chura and Haid ceremony. This wonderful custom when family and guests surround the bride using fire, scents, water, milk, colours, symbols and of course flowers while the priest is chanting.Nisheeth got ready at his suite in nearby hotel.He arrived, riding a horse and the official religious wedding ceremony started.First the bride and the groom exchanged garlands under a gazebo.Fire, water, colours, flowers, rise and herbs where just a few elements used at this meaningful and spiritual wedding.


Simi’s gold-red two-pieces wedding dress was just too gorgeous!


It was just this magical aura encompassing everyone attending and everything. Breathtaking scenery, breathtaking sea view from Hatzi mansion.The sun as it was setting with its warm rays, the Hindu chanting that was so hypnotic and the faces of people closest to couples hearts. There was so much positive energy – it was surreal.



The executive chef of Hatzi Mansion for this so intense spiritual wedding presented a strictly vegetarian menu from organic vegetables in mediterranean style with the use of the unique olive oil of the mansion. The traditional wood oven fired from the morning to bake pies on the chest with a handmade village leaf and bread with yeast.




Friends and families performing for the bride and groom, celebrating, dancing, singing, having fun!! Party vibes and enjoyment!!

What more can be said than warm blesses for this beautiful couple.