Great Gatsby Style wedding

Fun and Eclectic Indian Wedding
October 30, 2018
TV Commercial Filming
March 9, 2019

The couple behind this affair straight from Paris are lovers of fragrances and perfumes creators.So it made so much sense when we saw the favour gifts for their guests.Hatzi Mansion and the head event planner mrs.Evgenia Limantzaki for Kostantina and Andrew organised every detail in the theme selected.The Great Gatsby Style was used as inspiration for the colours, type fronts and details of decoration.





The amazing photos captured by Costa Kalogiannis and Sophia Alhazidou, give a great idea of all.



Black linen napkins, gold plates, pearls and lace fabrique are few among other elements that created the signature of the event.









Late at night the atmosphere became vivid, party mood gathered every guest on the dance floor where the DJ of Hatzi Mansion was playing song selected by the couple.




How precious are the moments shared among family and friends.How precious are the memories created by heart.

How precious are you…

Our couples.

Hatzi Mansion