TV Commercial Filming

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December 20, 2018
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May 27, 2019

Filming today in the mansion on behalf of a big food company “ YFANTIS”. In charge “Magik Productions “ creating a TV commercial for the presentation of a new product in the food market.


The advertising was filmed inside Hatzi Mansion as well as outside in the stone building area where the traditional wood oven exists.



The project was developed on the exquisite presence of the famous chef, Vaggelis Driskas, whose experience and reputation combined accurately with the high quality products of the food industry “YFANTIS”.




A team from producer, director, food styler and staff achieved a well focused TV spot that transfers the viewer in old times where the biological raw materials and the quality existed. The backdrop of Hatzi Mansion, stone, wood and fire created the ideal scenery to remind the elders and teach the youngest the pure, delicate flavours.



We enjoyed every minute of it. We loved the process and for sure the new product!!

Bon appetit!!